Supermarket of Packaging

Sarten Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Sarten began production of metal Packaging products on 20 March 1972 at its Çorlu plant. To meet the demands of rapidly growing Turkish market, Sarten has soon opened additional factories. As a consequence of Company’s growth strategy, today Sarten operates 15 plants in total located in Silivri, Gebze, Karacabey, Gemlik, Manisa, Adana and Ayvalık regions. Investment in these plants, are made in parallel to the Sarten’s customer-focused strategy where plants were specifically erected at locations where the customers are concentrated. Product portfolio of Sarten features metal containers, twist caps, and plastic accessories.

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January 2021 / No 19
  • Fish are on the shelves under SARTEN's guarantee
  • Global canned fish market is growing with "TUNA"
  • The eternal journey of metal

Another year has come and gone and we succeeded in achieving our goal thanks to the power and energy we got from you. While leaving 46 years behind in our journey which started in Çorlu in 1972, we are sharing the justified proud of creating a company focusing on human, meeting the necessities of time and technology and thus, meeting the demands of not only our country, but also the world with you.

Supermarket of Packaging

Sarten Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Sarten PackagIng from Past to Today ..

Our milestones ...
As Sarten Packaging we offer the best quality service to our customers,

Our Certificates

As Sarten Packaging we provide the best quality service to our customers, we certify this quality service with the certificates we receive. The quality certificates we have are listed below.

Our Other Certificates

Photograph of Quality

The success of the leading company of the Turkish packaging industry, Sarten Ambalaj, comes from the value it gives to its employees. We photographed Sarten's successful position.
Number of Interns
The Average Age

Sarten Ambalaj Human Resources

We work from the heart.

Our HR Policy

Sarten believes that the key to success is human. With its 46-year history, Sarten continues to grow with its employee profile who are open to change and development, love their jobs, believe in the team work and cherish the team spirit, uphold ethical values and embrace social responsibilities, customer-oriented approaches and responsiveness.

Career Opportunities



Please visit Sarten HR page to find out our current job opportunities and career opportunities at our company.

Sarten Academy

Sarten Academy is a recruitment program which was founded 10 years ago in order to define the employees showing high performance and potential which Sarten Packaging would need for its administrative and technical positions in short, medium and long-term.