Definition of Innovation

What is
Innovation ?

With the simplest definition, innovation is the development and application of different, different, new ideas. These ideas can be developed to solve previously unresolved problems or to respond to needs that have not been met before. Or it may aim to make many existing products and services more beautiful, more useful, more useful to people. Innovations are made by passing these ideas to the imagination and removing the products, services or methods of doing business, and then starting to sell or commercialize these products and services.

Sarten Ambalaj

InnovatIon PolIcy

Sarten is targeting sustainable growth in the packaging industry by innovative processes, products and services. Consequently, Sarten is supporting related initiatives for continuous development and transformation within the value chain to achieve an innovation environment.
All associates of Sarten, especially leading employees are supporting and enabling innovation efforts to deliver this required innovation environment. All Sarten stake holders are encouraged to collaboratively share knowledge through the corporate base that knowledge circulation and elaboration for innovation is supported
Required resources are guaranteed by Sarten to achieve this innovation output.

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