Social Responsibility

Sarten Ambalaj Social Responsibility Projects

As Sarten, we are always aware of our responsibilities towards society while we carry out our activities. We aim not only to contribute to the economic development of the regions we operate in but also contribute to the social and cultural development. With this aim we give priority to social responsibility projects in the field of education and environment. Sarten follows the needs of its regions closely. The company also supports diversified projects which serves the needs of society and which are in line with the company’s social responsibility approach.


Within the framework of Silivri Governorate’s “Hand in Hand for A Better Future, Sister Schools Sister Organizations” programme, we have been paired with Silivri Vocational Anadolu High School of Industry, Değirmenköy ISE Multi-Programme Vocational Anadolu High School, and Silivri Esen İbak Special Education Center, starting with the academic year of 2015/16. We are proud to support the projects of our sister schools.


On the other hand, in line with our ecological industry approach, we attach importance to support environmental projects in all over the Turkey , especially in the regions we operate in.