Personal and Household CosmetIcs PlastIc PackagIng

PET, PE and injection containers with narrow and wide openings in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, produced at predetermined volumes for cosmetics, chemicals and healthcare industries.

PET Shampoo and Trigger Bottles Group

 Filled Volume  1000 ml
5000 ml
 3000 ml
 Diameter Ø
28 mm
110 mm 110 mm
 Product Code
PEP07000P0113 PEP05000P0118


PET Hair Gel Jar Group

 Filled Volume  750 ml
275 ml
250 ml 165 ml
 Diameter Ø
100 mm
63 mm 63 mm 63 mm
 Product Code
PEP07500P0136 PEP02500P0153 PEP01650P0131


PET Eau de Cologne Bottles Group

 Filled Volume  250 ml
150 ml
150 ml  80 ml
 Diameter Ø
20 mm
20 mm 20 mm 20 mm
 Product Code
PEP01500P0103 PEP08000P0099