Sarten Academy

Sarten Academy is a recruitment program which was founded in 2008 in order to define the employees showing high performance and potential which Sarten Packaging would need for its administrative and technical positions in short, medium and long-term.

Beside the graduates of associate degrees (Vocational Schools of Higher Education) who have just started their career within packaging sector, the promising employees working in the firm are also integrated in Sarten Academy program. The academics of the company, customers, suppliers and the education firms conduct the trainings carried out within Sarten Academy.

Sarten Academy carries out its training on various subjects; including personal development, management skills, production, product info, product development, quality, workplace health and safety, sales techniques, export, finance and accounting. The candidates, who can be the future executives and who are brought in the company within the scope of Sarten Academy, took place in “Sarten Academy Development Faculty” program, which was organized in collaboration with Koç University.

Sarten Academy has organized nine academy programmes, six of which were for the Bachelor’s degrees and three of which were associate degrees, so far 146 employees attended these programmes.

The candidates who attended Sarten Academy trainings are now working in the departments of production planning, purchase and logistics, purchase and marketing, accounting, finance departments, R&D Center and at the executive positions at the plants of Sarten.

Bringing in and raising the future executives in the institution for mid-level and senior executive positions, keeping the employees with technical and administrative skills within the company, guiding the developments of key personnel and future executives are among Sarten Academy’s long-term goals.