First R&D Center of Packaging

Sarten sustainably continues R&D investments as part of its innovation-centered mission. Sarten’s technology hub at Silivri complex assumed the title of 417th R&D center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on March 2017. Sarten R&D Center is the first R&D Center at packaging sector.

Sarten’s story of the path through becoming an R&D Center has started far back from 2017. Sarten Packaging has an important R&D culture with its TUBITAK and self-resource projects carried out before becoming an R&D Center. Sarten R&D Department was established in 2005 at the Silivri Plant. This unit has already been functional before 2005, and was mainly manufacturing spare parts for the plants. By 2005, R&D unit was developed into a full-fletched department as a result of the experts joining the team and the investments made.

Sarten R&D Center works with the strategy of “continuously improving the automation and innovation” aimed to reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve occupational safety and human health.

The priority of the R&D Center is to carry out innovative projects integrated into international technological advancements, besides increasing Sarten’s efficiency.

Sarten R&D Center and machine molding plant is operational at Silivri as a centralized unit at its 1000 sqm closed area. In addition, Manisa R&D subdivision of the central R&D department is located at the Manisa plant serving for the Manisa, Karacabey and Ayvalık plants.