Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy;

  • The key to our success is human
  • Keeping the motivation and commitment of our employees to SARTEN at maximum
  • Exercising a transparent and open management policy towards our employees,
  • Prioritizing the progress of our employees at every stage and level of development and continuously “investing in human assets”,
  • Continue to contribute in corporate objectives such as “efficiency”, “profitability”, “customer satisfaction”, by ensuring continuous development of our employees,
  • Developing career paths for our employees in order to maximize their productivity,
  • Rewarding high-performance, supporting the development of underachievers,
  • Creating a workplace environment that will ensure personal and professional development of our employees,
  • Our Employee Profile fosters human resources featuring individuals who are open to change and development, love their jobs, believe in the team work and cherish the team spirit, uphold ethical values and embrace social responsibilities, customer-oriented approaches and responsiveness.