World metal packaging industry meets in Istanbul

World metal packaging industry meets in Istanbul

CanTech International the Grand Tour 2019 was held in Istanbul from 25 to 27 March 2019 and brought together many prominent names of the world metal packaging industry.  Sarten Ambalaj CEO Zeki Sarıbekir, told the participants the story of Sarten which started in 1972 and reached 2,000 employees in 18 factories today. Sarıbekir, said that the packaging industry in Turkey is very strong citing the geographical location of the country as a major advantage. Meanwhile, Sarten received “Superior Tin Packaging” and “Decorative Aerosol Box” awards at the awards ceremony held by CanTech Magazine. 

CanTech Magazine, a leading publication of the global metal packaging industry organized the International Grand Tour 2019 from 25 to 27 March in Istanbul. Sarten Ambalaj CEO Zeki Sarıbekir, made an opening speech at the conference attended by 250 participants from all over the world and told about the adventure of Sarten dating back to its establishment in 1972.

Sarten started its activities in its first facility in Çorlu, and now has 18 factories including 15 factories in Turkey and others in Russia, Netherlands and Bulgaria, Sarıbekir said. The company employs 2,600 people in total and creates more than 30 percent of its total sales through exports, he said. Sarıbekir also said that they passed the 100 million dollar threshold in exports for the first time this year.


Sarıbekir said that Sarten is the biggest producer in the MENA region which includes Turkey as well as the Middle East and North Africa, adding that, “We rank in the top 10 metal package producers in the world, and in the top 3 in Europe”.  Our production is consisted of metal packaging by 85 percent and of plastic packaging by 15 percent.  Sarıbekir said their traditional mission to provide high quality, fast, environmentally-friendly and affordable service provided a steady and sustainable growth, adding that their use of tin material would reach 200,000 tons by 2020. 

Sarıbekir said packaging industry in Turkey is very strong, and added that there is a great advantage in terms of Turkey’s geographical location in particular.  Sarıbekir pointed out that it takes only 3.5-hour flight from Turkey to London, which is the far end of Europe, compared to 7-hour flight from the Eastern coast to the Western coasts of the United States.     Sarıbekir said, Turkey’s geographical location makes it possible to make delivery within 1 to 1.5 days not only in Europe but also in the most parts of the Middle East.  Additionally, there are also diverse transportation possibilities for Africa, the rising star of late.   





CanTech The Grand Tour is organized by CanTech International Magazine, which is a leading publication of the metal packaging industry, and brings together the leading names of the industry.

This year’s conference which is held in Istanbul, bringing together 250 important names of the industry from the global suppliers to technical specialists, is focusing on strengthening the communication channels between the key decisionmakers in the industry, establishing a network, and ensuring that the metal packaging producers have access to the most productive and flexible production technologies.